4 Reasons Customized Employee Gifts Are Vital for Company Culture

July 10, 2023  by Harlow Russell

As a corporation, you know that company culture impacts the bottom line. One of the easiest ways to improve company culture is through customized employee gifts. Strong company culture can improve employee retention, enhance engagement, strengthen work performance, and increase revenue. 

Below we’ll share four reasons corporations should invest in customized employee gifts to better their company culture and the bottom line. 

According to a study, 53% of employees shared they would stay longer with a company if they felt appreciated by their employer."


4 Reasons Why Investing in Customized Employee Gifts is Crucial for Company Culture

When businesses invest in employee relationships through customized employee gifts, it’s more than giving presents. It shows that leadership took the time to acknowledge the value of their staff — which can be a priceless value in return. 

Personalized employee gifts improve company culture and provide a better return on investment for corporations. From increased productivity to impactful motivation, here are four ways to give custom employee gifts and improve company culture. 

1. Personalized Employee Recognition Gifts Increase Morale and Retention

Employee recognition is one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase morale and retention. According to a study, 53% of employees shared they would stay longer with a company if they felt appreciated by their employer. Employee appreciation can be small acts of kindness with long-lasting positive impacts. 

Some ways to give customized employee gifts for employee recognition and morale are:

Investing in your employees with personalized recognition gifts can be low-cost. It’s also more cost-effective than hiring new staff if you have high turnover or shrinkage. By maximizing the value of your existing employees through simple gifts, your company can reduce turnover and shrinkage costs significantly.

Gift box with logo 3D Birthday card

Unique 3D birthday card for employees and clients can be customized for any business brand.

2. New Employee Onboarding Gifts Set Strong First Impressions

Next on our list of reasons why corporations should invest in customized employee gifts is to impress new employees. Giving gifts to new hires during onboarding sets a solid first impression and a positive foundation from the start of their new career path. 

Some examples of impactful employee onboarding gifts are:

  • Welcome to the team card

  • Company branded stationery 

  • Reusable water bottle with business logos

  • A personalized basket filled with their favorite snacks

Starting a new job can be daunting for professionals. They may have former negative experiences with challenging or toxic work environments and value a strong first impression from their new employers. When leadership shows they’re grateful to have new colleagues on the team, it positively starts their new career chapter.

Corporations with high employee engagement are 23% more profitable. 


3. Customized Employee Gifts Strengthen Engagement

Did you know businesses lose $400-500 billion annually due to poor employee engagement? Corporations that don’t invest in engagement risk losing staff and profits. Employee engagement is more than employee satisfaction. It’s about creating a work environment where workers are recognized for their hard work efforts and care about their professional development through positive reinforcement. 

For example, disengaged employees are less likely to take on challenging tasks and be motivated due to a lack of support and career development from leadership. Poor engagement metrics in the workplace can reduce work performance, deliverables, and revenue as a result. 

Some ways to increase employee engagement with personal gifts are:

  • Diverse holiday gift cards and company events – recognizing all cultural traditions, especially around the holidays, is crucial for creating an inclusive work environment 

  • Quarterly team and individual recognition gifts — publicly recognizing staff members and departments with specific milestone achievements, like meeting sales quotas or positive client feedback

  • Birthday celebrations cards — showing workers that you care about their work-life balance and lives outside the office

  • Good luck with your next job cards — displaying that you wish well for your employee’s future, even if it’s not with your company, resonates well with current staff because it shows you support their next steps

Higher employee engagement results in stronger performance because they feel more connected and motivated to go further to achieve business goals. Although strengthening team engagement is essential for employee satisfaction and retention, it’s also fundamental to company success.

Xmas Holiday Ball

Custom designed Christmas and New Year holiday card with 3D pop-up design for business peers and clients. 

4. Personal Employee Gifts Increase Revenue

Corporations with high employee engagement are 23% more profitable. When your staff is supported in their career development needs, their work performance and productivity can significantly improve — which can increase revenue in return. 

Corporate leadership is responsible for employee engagement which significantly impacts organizational success. While some businesses take advanced approaches with their engagement frameworks, personal employee gifts are a simple and effective way to encourage enthusiasm and involvement in their roles.  

Some ways to boost employee performance and revenue with gifts are:

  • Congratulatory cards for new mothers — show that you care about their personal lives too

  • Employee appreciation cards — reward staff that stayed late hours or completed a large-scale project recently 

  • Monetized gift cards – incentivize workers with personal rewards so they can shop for items they value most

Investing in your company’s culture with customized employee gifts can provide a better return on investment because it improves employee performance. A low-cost gift can generate more revenue when your staff feels rewarded and motivated for their hard work. Appreciation gifts can set a positive chain reaction in the workplace by improving work performance to deliver better results.
Gothic Cathedral with logo.

Unique Thanksgiving 3D holiday card design featuring elaborate church architecture, designed and produced by Awesome 3D Cards.

Strengthen Your Company Culture with Customized Employee Gifts from Awesome 3D Cards

Now that you know four reasons corporations should invest in customized employee gifts, the next step is to start shopping. At Awesome 3D Cards, we offer over 250 3D card designs for businesses in many industries. From hospitality to finance verticals, we have you covered for personalized business gifts to increase employee morale, engagement, and revenue. 

Contact us for questions on how we can help improve your company culture or request a sample today! 

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