4 Innovative Promotional Items to Market an Insurance Agency

July 31, 2023  by Harlow Russell

As an insurance agency in an evolving digital market, implementing innovative promotional items into your marketing strategy is crucial to stand out. Oversaturated markets require unique marketing tactics to establish your firm as a leader in the insurance industry – here are four ways how. 

4 Ways to Market an Insurance Agency with Innovative Promotional Items 

The purpose of innovative promotional items for insurance agencies is to find new ways of acquiring new policyholders and retaining existing clients. From 3D business cards to stronger direct mail strategies, here are four new insurance agency marketing ideas to drive more profits. 

1. Referral Program Gifts 

Driving more referral traffic is foundational to the bottom line of any business. These are your most loyal customers referring your brand to people they know. Recent studies show that insurance referral programs have a 30% higher conversion rate than other marketing channels. 

Referrals convert more than cold leads because prospects trust brand recommendations from those they know personally over companies. It also lowers customer acquisition costs because of word-of-mouth marketing from your current clients. 

To drive more referral traffic with innovative promotional items, send referral program gifts to existing customers. Sending referral gifts gives loyal members an incentive to refer your brand to their personal network. 

Some incentives to include in referral program gifts are:

  • Annual thank you 3D cards to show customer appreciation in a memorable way 

  • Insurance premium discounts if they refer a friend and enroll for at least a year

  • Monetized gift cards for long-term policyholders to display customer value 

By sending referral program gifts, you can encourage current policyholders to become brand advocates for your agency. 

2. 3D Business Cards 

Making your insurance agency brand stand out on a small business card canvas can be challenging. It’s limited space and you don’t want them to be thrown out immediately, especially in a digital age. This is where personal 3D business cards come in. 

Take your business cards to new levels with 3D designs that reflect your agency’s brand and personality. They can be used for prospecting at events, trade shows, and conferences. It improves community member engagement and strengthens networking because it shows your agency invests in high-quality marketing materials. 

By surprising potential prospects with 3D design, it can impress them and increases brand recognition too. If you’re searching for innovative promotional items, 3D business cards are sure to make an impact on insurance agencies.

Pink Palm Tree 360

3. Strong Direct Mail Strategies 

Did you know that direct mail has a 29% higher return on investment than paid search? Physical mail always reaches customers and data shows that it’s more impactful. Investing in high-quality direct mail marketing materials offers more professional execution and memorability.  

Some innovative promotional items to use in direct mail are: 

  • Thank you cards to show appreciation for new policyholders for their business 

  • Postcards with exclusive insurance premium rate offers for strong leads 

  • Invitation flyers for events your agency is attending to new residents

  • Gift cards to current policyholders on holidays, birthdays, and enrollment anniversaries 

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4. Custom 3D Pop-Up Cards with Video QR Codes 

It’s essential to market yourself in a way that gets your insurance agency noticed. An innovative way to do this is 3D pop-up cards with video QR codes. By merging the gap between paper and digital marketing, current clients are sure to remember your brand with 3D designs. 

A custom 3D card stands out because businesses nowadays are mainly investing in digital marketing, while this strategy includes both.

Some ideas for QR code videos with 3D cards are:

  • Policy enrollment discount promotional videos

  • Social media channel videos 

  • Website landing page videos

  • Video testimonials 

Using 3D pop-up cards with video QR codes can increase customer engagement because it adds a new dimension to your marketing strategy – literally! 

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Strengthen Your Insurance Marketing Strategy with Custom 3D Pop-Up Cards

Now that you have four ideas on innovative promotional items for insurance marketing, the next step is to start shopping. At Awesome 3D Cards, we have 250+ custom designs featuring insurance agency industry designs, client appreciation, and more. 

Learn how to strengthen your insurance marketing campaigns, or contact us for help on how we can innovate your sales strategy with 3D cards today!  

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