Sales Promotions: 3D Pop Up Cards with Falcon Structures

March 21, 2023  by Harlow Russell

Container Office Unit

Falcon Structures is a custom shipping container company based in Manor, Texas. It began as a small rental business that has dramatically expanded over the course of the last two decades. Today, as the first in-house container structure manufacturer, the company continues to build safe and secure structures. The mission of Falcon Structures is to build a better world by being environmental stewards and creating safe spaces for customers. Because the customer experience is so important to this company, the Falcon Structure team needed a way to reach them that was the same level of quality as their own work. Check out the 3D pop up cards created for Falcon Structures’ direct mail marketing efforts.

Falcon Structures Testimonial

Points from the Video

The goal behind the creation of a custom 3D pop up card for Falcon Structures was to showcase one of their most popular products—a 20-foot office. In this testimonial, you will hear about how this office shipping container offers an interesting vantage point for customers and prospects alike. It is noted that even people who have never worked with containers have their eyes caught by this unique design. When receipts receive a scale model in their mailer, it offers a great opportunity for Falcon Structures to show exactly what they do.

In working with Awesome 3D Cards to create this mailpiece, the Falcon Structures team found it to be a very smooth process. They had gone into the consultation expecting it to be very complex, given how custom the design would be. But the Founder and President of Awesome 3D Cards, Harlow Russell, was easy to work with and was able to truly transform the simple pictures and videos of the office. What Falcon Structures ended up with was a 3D pop up card that was almost identical to their flagship product.

With this custom card, Falcon Structures has been able to cut through some of the clutter and directly reach its prospects and customers. In a world that is so driven by email, they feel that it pays to invest in direct mail. Direct mail marketing has allowed this business to make people more aware of what they are doing while adding a personal touch that email lacks. As they focus on hyper-targeting repeat customers and similar accounts, the Falcon Structures team proves that they go the extra mile for their stakeholders.

When you team up with Awesome 3D Cards, you are sure to bring a smile to the faces of everyone in your audience. It doesn’t matter whether they are Gen Zers or boomers. All you have to do to achieve this positive customer-seller relationship is dream up an image that is meaningful to your business. You could go about this in a variety of ways, from literal interpretations to abstract representations. The goal of your design should be to resonate with recipients and encourage them to strengthen your connection. If you are in need of a boost to your company engagement and loyalty, Awesome 3D Cards has you covered. Set up a meeting with Harlow Russell to discuss your 3D pop up card needs.

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