3D Pop Up Card Themes to Foster Customer Relationship Building

April 26, 2022  by Harlow Russell

The Best Theme Ideas for Your Customer Appreciation Cards

Symbolism is an important part of our communication in society. Oftentimes, the themes we associate in our environment are tied to our subconscious, making us aware of ideas around us without deep thought. All communicators can benefit from using symbolic themes in design. Instantly ignite your customer’s gratitude by incorporating relationship-themed 3D pop up cards. Here are five themes that symbolize customer relationship building in your customer appreciation direct mail strategy.

1) Tree 3D Pop Up Card Theme

Relationship Tree detail

Since the early days of humans, trees have represented strength. This can go in a variety of directions, from family to security to recovery. Trees start off as small saplings and grow into something beautiful that is capable of sustaining life as we know it. Trees are the perfect symbol for growth.

So, if you want to your customer to feel that your relationship is strong and growing, highlight your message with the elaborate branches of a flowering tree. Your business can use the tree symbol in your 3D customer appreciation cards to showcase how much your relationship has expanded and flourished. Let your customer see that they are part of a bigger picture. They aren’t just someone who happened to purchase a product or service from you — they are a significant branch of your business.

Enjoy this example of tree theme 3D pop up cards created for an established law firm. The card design reflects a mission to foster client relationships, with high-quality colorful papers and hand-crafted details. Another example features a tropical palm tree 3D card with bright greens.

2) Heart Theme Customer Relationship Cards

Heart-pedestal closeup.

Across the world, the heart is representative of love. However, it goes so much deeper than just a sense of romance. The heart considers a person’s moral and spiritual substance, complete with their hopes and dreams. Hearts are about valuing someone or something. 

The heart is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. The heart symbol is even used across social media platforms, meaning it is something that millions of people see on a daily basis. When you “love” someone’s social media post, you are giving them that sense of recognition. It shows that you thought their content was valuable, interesting, or relevant. When a customer receives a heart-themed card, they have a similar sense of value, but with much more impact. 

3D pop up cards can include a heart design to express how much of a treasure a customer truly is to a company. Out of all of the common shapes, this is one that a recipient will immediately understand to mean that they are being cherished. 

3) Dove Theme Cards

3D Soaring Dove Card

The feelings of hope, love, and peace come with the image of the dove. Although doves are frequently connected to religion and the military, they can also certainly be used in conversations about customer relationships. 

In general, bird totems bridge air and earth—something that you cannot hold versus something you can. Your business similarly combines intangible expertise and physical products, with the intention of providing a customer with a positive experience. This means that your business is acting as the dove, the messenger of good fortune as a customer partners with you. 

Your customer is like a dove, as well. Your 3D pop up card may be representative of their faith in your service. This powerful bird symbol tells a story of how your business helped the customer expand their wings and soar. Dove themes also make a beautiful choice for a corporate holiday card. 

4) Campfire Theme Card Designs

Campfire closeup.

Fire, in its greatest elemental state, evokes a variety of powerful abstract concepts. The ideas behind fire include eternal life and passion. When we think about a campfire, though, we have a very different image of what fire entails. We picture a group of people enjoying one another’s company in nature. It’s a symbol of gathering. 

For your 3D customer appreciation cards, this theme is an intriguing choice because it indicates the bond that you share in a playful way. Think about how a 3D version of a campfire could highlight talking about experiences with those closest to you. There is a feeling of togetherness that is evoked through this intimate setting that cannot be replicated. 

Your prospecting initiatives should be just as warm and inviting as a campfire. It should involve friendly communication within your handwritten message that makes a customer want to interact with you again.  

Pro Tip: Campfires also make a great theme for invitations to outdoor corporate events!

5) Trophy Theme 3D Pop Up Cards

No 1 Trophy up close.

Trophies are tokens of success that can be received for virtually any reason. They are evidence that someone has a top skill, is a valuable asset, or has been victorious in a task. 

With this symbol, your 3D pop up cards can highlight the accomplishments of your customer. Let them know that you are a fan of theirs, as much as they are of you. Shine the spotlight on your customer rather than highlighting your own business accolades. Congratulating them with a rewarding trophy will compel them to trust your business even more. This will help you in your client retention efforts. 

The pride that a trophy gives someone is priceless. You don’t have to just use this symbol for customer appreciation cards. Your best referral partners deserve recognition, too. If you are a non-profit organization, give your donors trophy-themed 3D cards for being such an important contributor to your cause. Or, send cards with a trophy design to your top volunteers. 


Reel in customers by making your brand more iconic in a visually outstanding way. Do you have an image in mind that effectively represents your business? With the help of Awesome 3D Cards, that image can truly pop as you differentiate yourself from the competition. Request a quote for your custom 3D pop up card design today or order a Ready-2-Go card now. 

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