Retail Sales: 3D Cards in Austin with Arching Dog Productions

March 17, 2023  by Harlow Russell

McKenna Michels

Arching Dog Productions is an Austin-based music production and artist management company that prides itself on keeping music real. It is home to singer-songwriter McKenna Michels, who makes complex pop music with soul-baring lyrics. Michels has landed at #29 on the Billboard Charts, as well as received an award from the California International Shorts Festival for Best Music Video. As an emerging artist, it is necessary that Michels finds ways to engage with her growing fanbase. For this reason, Arching Dog Productions needed an interesting way to share her brand during her national tour—3D cards in Austin. Find out what the collaboration between Arching Dog Productions and Awesome 3D Cards looked like.

Arching Dog Productions Testimonial

Points from the Video

John Dismukes is the owner of Arching Dog Productions. In his testimonial, he states that when he had initially met Harlow Russell, the Founder and President of Awesome 3D Cards, they discussed what kind of advertisement would truly make an impact for his signed artist, McKenna Michels. Dismukes was shown a variety of 3D cards made for Austin businesses and beyond, which inspired his decision to display their Arching Dog Productions comic book artwork. He also decided to incorporate a 3D picture of Michels’ character within the book.

The McKenna Michels cards could be found on the desk at the Greater Austin Comic Con, where Dismukes is a music director. He claims that 14,000 people each year attend this event, making it a great spot to reach fans who share the same interests as those at the production company. He had gone with a large-sized card, the biggest available at Awesome 3D Cards, to make the piece even more interesting. And with the QR code on the back leading to their website, their merch store and information about Michels could be found extremely easily.

Based on his positive experience, Dismukes believes that any business can utilize 3D cards in Austin. They are highly capable of drawing in customers and building excitement around your product, especially so if your audience is on the younger side. For Arching Dog Productions, this custom card offered a way to engage with people who may not have had time to listen to Michels’ music or see her latest music video, and inspire them to check her out. Dismukes got the cards into the hands of people who were just passing by—something he would not have been able to do with other advertising tools.

Do you feel inspired to design your own 3D cards in Austin? Let Awesome 3D Cards turn your vision into a dynamic kirigami product that will make any recipient feel delighted, impressed, and surprised. Our vision is to have a business world that is focused on building meaningful connections. This way, customers, employees, and prospects alike feel appreciated. Because our affordable 3D cards have a nearly 100% open rate, you will undoubtedly get a fantastic return on investment when you level up your direct mail marketing. Instead of doing everything digitally, take the time to get more personalized! If you want to learn more about what Awesome 3D Cards is capable of, send us a message.

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