The 3 Best Reasons Prospects Will Never Throw Away 3D Business Cards

March 31, 2022  by Harlow Russell

A good marketer understands that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you sell it. In order words, people don’t simply buy from companies—they buy from people. True success isn’t just measured by your sales alone—success is built on relationships. You must be able to retain those customers and attract new ones. As you meet people and as you build relationships with clients, treat them to an experience that is memorable. Reward them with something they are unlikely to throw away, such as a 3D business card.

A hand-crafted 3D card makes a huge statement. It shows people that you aren’t like everyone else in your industry. While your competition is solely focusing on boring email marketing campaigns, you are taking your sales development and customer engagement to a more effective level. Here’s how you can best implement unforgettable, creative direct mail into your business strategy.

Acoustic Guitar

Pictured: Awesome 3D Cards example featuring a model of a Willie Nelson acoustic guitar, popular for prospecting to clients with love of the arts and entertainment or to highlight a live music event.

1) You capture the prospect’s attention right at the mailbox.

Face it, nobody likes to receive spam or junk mail. Most professionals receive hundreds of emails that are trashed before even reading them. We all judge emails by the subject line, and we are overwhelmed by the sheer size of our inboxes. In today’s digital overload world, physical letters and cards are much less likely to get trashed without first being opened. In fact, 73% of consumers prefer being contacted via direct mail. To succeed with this strategy, you need to supply value immediately. Your 3D business cards—even at the envelope level—are intriguing.

Did you know that the response rate for direct mail is higher than any other advertising channel? Or that thick envelopes have a near-perfect open rate? This is because lumpy mail generates the recipient’s curiosity. As in any business relationship, curiosity helps us get to know one another better.

Opening Direct Mail 3D Business Card

Photo courtesy of cottonbro, Pexels. Opening direct mail.

A primary contributor to why people keep cards from businesses is that they are professionally designed and printed. If your card looks great, then your business looks great. To achieve this, consider eye-catching finishes, such as making the text have a metallic shine. This lustrous addition is also an excellent way to add texture to the front of your card. With more thought put behind the design of your card, it will definitely stick out from the other letters that your prospects receive in the mail.

2) Your business is showcased in an intriguing, 3-dimensional story.

3D business cards are always customized. Picture what image accurately serves your business and your potential clients. When someone receives your card, it won’t just say that it’s from you. It will communicate your message in an impressive and aesthetic way. An example of this is a card the Awesome 3D Cards team created for St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center. While the outside of it tells their name and a message, it’s the “jack in the box” inside that makes this such a powerful piece of promotional marketing. The surprise is a large 3D heart that includes a heart rate in the center on both sides. Anyone could see this card understand it is for the healthcare industry. The design also conveys a global symbol of caring and love to the recipient.

Medical Staff Recruitment closeup.

Pictured: Awesome 3D Cards custom model of a healthcare-themed heart for St. David’s Medical Center.

Explore design elements to create a card that no one will want to toss out. Including your company name and contact information is necessary for every business card. But when your recipient opens a 3D business card, they will be delighted in a new way. The 3D artwork will be something that lingers in their mind later on.

Businesses that neglect to incorporate a direct mail strategy into their sales and marketing campaigns miss out on key engagement with consumers and partners. Prospects want to have a positive experience when they interact with brands at any level. They need to feel that the brand is trustworthy and interesting. When they receive a branded 3D pop up card from your business, it immediately makes your business appear more credible than you would with an email, which might across as “spammy”.

3) 3D business cards connect with recipients on an emotional level.

Furthering your mission to be a step above your competitors’ less compelling outreach, a custom 3D card experience is akin to witnessing an unexpected masterpiece in an art museum. One element of this experience is color.

We have been taught from an early age that colors have psychological effects. Every day, colors influence our thinking and affect our emotions. It has even been found that 85% of consumers ( consider color to be a primary reason they purchase a product. Therefore, color psychology needs to be used by your business to develop your branding. Apply branded colors everywhere to increase name recognition, including in outreach communication and thank you cards. People will tie the communication about your business with the visual representation of who you are. For example, we associate red and yellow with that one fast-food burger place. You can do the same by using the notable colors on your custom 3D business cards.

Sentimentality is an important player in physical correspondence. People enjoy looking back at cards, whether they were sent for their birthdays, the holidays, or even as a show of appreciation. They act as keepsakes in a way that communication through a screen never does. Even when your recipient is out of sight, you are taking the time to express that you are thinking of them. Receiving your card in the mail will make them feel less distanced from your business.

The key to success in marketing in 2022 and beyond is to let your customers, employees, and partners have a positive emotional experience with your brand. Generic emails that sound like they came straight from a robot will not only lack impact, but will damage your brand and reputation. In our distracted, multitasking world, there is no better time to show off your humanity. Do so with a physical, high-quality hand-made 3D pop up card for your business.

Request a quote to learn more about how we can make your message stand out with 3D business cards. We can provide you with a custom 3D model that is designed for your market and target audience.

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