Austin-based Awesome 3D Announces Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation Partnership

25% of Sales of “Bat Bridge” Card to be Donated to Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation

Austin's Awesome 3D Cards was founded by Harlow Russell to bring the handcrafted, artistic and exquisite paper craftsmanship of Vietnamese Kirigami to the often impersonal business world. Each card immediately “delights, impresses and surprises,” creating a memorable and positive “micro-experience” for the card’s receiver.


Founder and President Harlow Russell believes in creating meaningful, personal connections that allow clients, customers and prospects to feel truly valued, appreciated and special. Many customers and employees felt more isolated due to the pandemic.
Awesome 3D Cards help to reduce those feelings, one card, one person, at a time.

Russell shares, “Recently, I invested thousands of dollars with a service provider. They told me I was a ‘very important client.’ When they sent me an impersonal, generic, store- bought, thank-you card, I was struck by how negative that left me feeling. Is that the best they could do for a ‘very important client’?! But then, I had my ‘’aha’ moment, leading me to translate over 25 years of business and relationship-building experience in Asia to develop the mission and work of Awesome 3D Cards.”

The mission of Awesome 3D Cards is to bring a memorable, immediate and long-lasting personal experience to direct mail and physical customer outreach. Russell believes, “There is nothing more important in our current business environment than to show real appreciation and thanks to your customers, small or large, and to employees, young and old.”

Awesome 3D Cards creates unique tools to help build meaningful relationships with customers, suppliers, donors, associates, and colleagues, no matter what the industry, business, or holiday. The high-tech, high-touch approach of sending an Awesome 3D Card typically results in better ROI, customer retention and appreciation.

About the Partnership

The popular Awesome 3D “Bat Bridge” Card, inspired by Austin’s famous Free-Tailed Bat Colony found under the Congress Avenue / Ann Richards Bridge is now being promoted by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation through their social media channels. 25% of sales go from Awesome 3D Cards directly to their non-profit organization. Learn more here.

Says Russell: “Austin is an amazing place to live. And the 1.5 million bats living under the Congress Avenue Bridge are a unique environmental and business benefit to the City of Austin. I’m honored that the Merlin Tuttle organization chose my Awesome 3D Card to help support their efforts in Austin and around the world.”


Our mission is to help companies and organizations, large and small, deliver their messages in unique ways that connect at a personal and emotional level. We use hand- made 3D pop-up card “micro-experiences” to delight, impress and surprise prospects and clients. We envision a business world where companies and organizations focus on meaningful, more personal connections to show clearly that their clients, customers, and prospects are truly valued, appreciated and special. More at


Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation (MTBC) is Dr. Tuttle’s most recent contribution to the world of bats. With over 60 years of experience studying and photographing them, he has led conservation efforts internationally for decades. It was through the global impact of his unique photography and communication that people first began to appreciate bats as safe, invaluable, even cute, and likable. He founded and led Bat Conservation International for 30 years, then retired in 2009. But requests for his unique photos and experience followed him, leading to the founding of MTBC. His efforts are now supported solely through MTBC. Our goal is to extend Merlin’s invaluable legacy for use by future conservationists wherever most needed. No one has better demonstrated the power of combining captivating photos with sound science to win friends instead of battles. Nor has anyone better demonstrated how conservation, even of traditionally feared animals, can benefit

humans. More at


Harlow Russell 512.571.1615 cell

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