Awesome 3D Cards is happy to discuss referral or affiliate compensation with anyone who is in a position to bring us volume business.  Ideally, the affiliates and referral partners we seek will bring us:

  • Clients wishing to order 1,000 or more cards
  • Clients with budgets of $3,000+
  • Clients whose time-frames fit our standard design & production schedule (typically 30 - 60 days); i.e. no rush orders

We are actively seeking partners in the following areas:

Promotional Products Vendors

Awesome 3D Cards can be great stand-alone promotional products for event invitations, product announcements, customer appreciation, etc. or they can be combined with other promotional products where the card gets opened first and it introduces the companion item.

For higher-volume orders, Awesome 3D Cards offers a very aggressive wholesale pricing schedule.  If you are interested, schedule a call and we'd be happy to "talk shop."

Marketing Agencies

Awesome 3D Cards are very powerful relationship-marketing tools.  With near-100% open rate, and a "coolness factor" that is off the chart, Awesome 3D Cards make an impression.  Beyond that, Awesome 3D Cards get shared, so marketing reach is increased.  With a price point that enables high-ROI, Awesome 3D Cards are perfect marketing tools for any number and types of businesses.  If you are a  marketing agency looking for an offline tool to complement your digital strategies, let's schedule a call to discuss.


One of the best value-adds of any franchisor to its franchisees is marketing support.  By adding Awesome 3D Cards that are customized to the franchise business, franchisors can give franchisees a cost-effective tool for differentiating themselves in the marketplace.  

If you are a franchisor of any size and would like to discuss how Awesome 3D Cards could work in your franchise system, schedule a call and let's talk!