Stylized 3D Pink Polar Bear – Unique Holiday Card

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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Symbol

Size: Medium (M)

Dimensions: 6in x 6in (15cm x 15cm) Folded

Suggested Uses

Appreciation, Gratitude



About This 3D Pop-Up Card

The business holiday cards by Awesome 3D Cards offer an unforgettable way to express gratitude and holiday wishes. Featuring a White Cream on Cream medium-sized card, this exquisite 3D pop-up card is a marvel of design. The star of the card is a full-color printed 3D model of a pink polar bear, representing the Greenland Ruby’s Pink Polar Bear Foundation. With the card open, a magical world unfurls, featuring a charming pink polar bear that conjures up feelings of wonder and excitement.

As you open the card, the cover greets you with a sunny holiday wish that's designed to get you in the mood for a fabulous festive season. A warm message inside expresses heartfelt wishes for a year overflowing with love, good health, joy, and success. A beautiful card like this one is more than just a thoughtful touch - it speaks volumes about the sender's genuine appreciation and heartfelt sentiments.

What's the best way to tell your customers you're thinking of them during the holidays?  With a card that speaks straight from the heart. This one says it all, conveying your sincere gratitude for their loyalty and trust. A traditional holiday greeting takes a backseat to this exceptional card, which instantly becomes a treasured keepsake. Businesses looking to make a real statement can count on the marriage of great design and high-quality printing - a one-two punch that drives home a lasting impression and sets them apart from the crowd. 

First impressions count, and the front cover's colorful message makes a statement – there's a surprise waiting inside that's just as impressive. With ample space for customization, businesses can infuse their holiday greetings with a personal touch that resonates with their audience. With this level of flexibility, every VIP client feels like royalty, pampered with customized experiences that reflect their unique tastes. 

Here's the pink polar bear:  beyond its cartoon-like charm, this fun, 3D-friendly mascot bolsters holiday spirit while benefiting the Pink Polar Bear Foundation. It sprinkles generosity on top of the typical holiday cheer. 

For a change of pace from the standard holiday cards, this refreshingly modern take wins you over with its striking design and master craftsmen's keen attention to detail. Here, the classic holiday vibe meets modern excitement, forging an unforgettably merry experience that will have you and yours cheerfully reliving the magic. With this card, you're not just sending a gesture – you're sending a reminder that the person on the receiving end is valued, respected, and remembered.

Imagine being the company that sends the most talked-about holiday cards of the season – those that make customers feel seen, heard, and valued. That's exactly what 3D holiday cards can achieve. Expressing heartfelt thanks and getting into the holiday spirit is more than just a gesture - it's a demonstration of a dedication to kindness. The moment you present a card that's both a pleasure to hold and a feast for the eyes, you're telegraphing your professionalism and flair for the dramatic.

A playful twist awaits inside - the 3D pop-up element bursts forth, transforming the card into a keepsake worth showing off. A card received is a card remembered – it becomes a personal token of appreciation that stays with the recipient, silently testifying to the sender's good intentions. What seems like a simple greeting card at first glance is actually a physical embodiment of warmth, joy, and fond memories - a treasured keepsake that's cherished long after the decorations come down.

Awesome 3D Cards' holiday cards mash up top-notch art, superior quality, and genuine emotional appeal – the perfect fusion for making a memorable impression. The White Cream on Cream card with its full-color printed 3D pink polar bear is a unique and impressive way to send holiday greetings and thank customers. Imagine a gift that seamlessly weaves together the magic of the holidays with the heartfelt appreciation of the sender - that's what makes this one truly unforgettable.