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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Vehicle

Size: Large (L)

Dimensions: 5.9in x 6.7in (15cm x 17cm) OR 6.7in x 7.5in (17cm x 19cm)

Suggested Uses

Prospecting, Special Offer



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About This 3D Pop-Up Card

Embarking on an innovative path to captivate your audience has never been more critical in today's dynamic market landscape. Bulk by CHO takes this challenge head-on with its pioneering direct mail sales campaign, featuring the striking yellow 3D pop-up of an olive oil tanker truck. This ain't just a big black and yellow card landing in your mail; it's a revolutionary sales and marketing gadget crafted to make an unforgettable impact.

This campaign's core is the exceptional design and attention to detail that Bulk by CHO invests in each card. The olive oil tanker truck, meticulously crafted in 3D, pops up in vibrant yellow, mirroring the exact corporate colors. The card brilliantly mirrors the brand's persona, setting itself apart by providing a hands-on and visually striking encounter.

Direct mail campaigns are seriously leveling up with the introduction of 3D pop-up tech, capturing potential distributor's attention like never before. Unlike traditional marketing materials, this card demands attention the moment it's unfolded. The detailed representation of the tanker truck is not just a testament to Bulk by CHO's commitment to quality and precision; it's a direct call to action. Nestled within this intricately designed display, there's a nifty gadget enabling folks to stay updated with the latest olive oil prices - a brilliant marriage of practicality and innovation that elevates it beyond mere aesthetic appeal.

This strategy performs a double duty. First off, it highlights the crafty knack of Bulk by CHO to use distinctive sales and marketing gadgets in a smart way. Moreover, it highlights the firm's commitment to crafting unforgettable and impactful direct mail initiatives. In an era where digital overload is all too common, receiving a tangible, beautifully designed pop-up card is a refreshing deviation from the norm.

A growing number of businesses around the world are starting to grasp the worth of these distinct marketing strategies. By opting for 3D pop-up cards, they're not just sending out a message but delivering an experience. Bulk by CHO is at the forefront of this movement, specializing in creating exact replicas of buildings and vehicles that captivate and engage. Be it for launching a fresh dealership drive or any diverse promotional effort, these cards serve as a potent echo of the brand's inventive prowess and artistic originality.

Prospective distributors will be delighted, impressed, and surprised upon receiving this custom 3D pop-up card. It's more than just an invitation to learn about olive oil prices; it symbolizes Bulk by CHO's commitment to excellence and innovation in direct mail marketing. This campaign showcases a deep grasp of how unique, hands-on marketing tools can play a pivotal role in cementing lasting business bonds.

Bulk by CHO's new dealer sales campaign featuring the yellow 3D pop-up of an olive oil tanker truck is a masterclass in using unique sales and marketing tools to enhance direct mail campaigns. It's a stellar showcase of how out-of-the-box thinking, attention to detail, and tactical planning can merge to give more than just a sales pitch - it crafts an unforgettable encounter with the brand. For companies looking to make a lasting impression in their direct mail efforts, taking a page from Bulk by CHO's playbook could be the key to unlocking new levels of engagement and response from their target audience.