The World’s Most Unique 3D Business Cards – Luxury Wine Club

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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Product

Size: Business (B)

Dimensions: 2.4in x 3.5in (6cm x 9cm) Folded

Suggested Uses



Food, Beverage

About This 3D Pop-Up Card

Black and Gold business-size 3D pop-up card featuring a delightful 2-color 3D model of a red wine bottle. Imagine a marketing tool that blends sophistication with innovation – perfect for enhancing your luxury wine club experience. The moment you open the card, a beautifully crafted 3D red wine bottle emerges, creating a sense of sophistication and exclusivity. When you see the classy black and gold colors, you know it's no ordinary group—it’s how a top-tier wine club sets itself apart. The branding shines through with every intricately cut detail around their trademarked wine-bottle emblem showcased boldly on all covers—a testament to unmatched excellence and care.

Imagine handing this 3D business card to a potential client or business partner. As they open it, they are immediately impressed by the intricate design and the clever pop-up element. Think of how easily chats flow around intriguing objects like our unique 3d card designs. These 3d pop up cards create dialogues among enthusiasts seeking novel decor while forming relationships worth cherishing forever. When you hold this card, you’re not just holding paper—you're stepping into the elegance and exclusivity that defines our wine club.

A nod to both past and present, this unique creation uses an integrated QR code in its otherwise classical layout. Tap into a world of exclusive wines with this QR code, which takes you straight to everything our wine club has lined up for you. Imagine blending traditional beauty with today's sleekness – that’s what makes our marketing efforts stick in people’s minds while achieving great outcomes. Want quick access to what our wine media offers? A quick scan of the provided QR code whisks you away on a smooth exploration of membership advantages before effortlessly guiding you through the signup procedure.

Business leaders know first impressions count. Elevate yours with our dynamic three-dimensional popup cards designed specifically for professionals who want more than just another piece of paper in their networking toolkit. Crafted meticulously, it carries forward both opulence as well as perfection—traits synonymous with what customers expect from your prestigious name. Think of each business card as a mini-advertisement for yourself – they’re tools that demonstrate high standards alongside pioneering methods in the world of marketing.

To thrive among luxurious brands and selective circles, distinguishing oneself becomes critical. A 3D business card makes it happen for you. When it comes down to making an impact with clients, what really sets you apart is both care for detailed workmanship and a promise of superior customer experience. When you blend rich black tones with elegant golden highlights and add sophisticated laser-cutting details along with an interactive three-dimensional surprise - you've got yourself not just effective advertising but memorable art.

Think of this card as your introduction—not just for today but for lasting relationships in the future. The recipients of this card will remember the experience of opening it, the elegance of the design, and the sophistication of the wine bottle pop-up. It’s not just any card; it's one people feel compelled to talk about and pass along, boosting your visibility without extra effort.

Moreover, the tactile experience of opening a 3D pop-up card is significantly more engaging than a traditional flat card. When you incorporate this layer of interaction into a greeting or business card, it grabs attention effectively—making sure people are far more inclined to remember who you are down the line. The secret to cementing robust business ties and loyal partnerships lies in meaningful engagement—it’s truly irreplaceable.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Custom 3D pop-up cards from Awesome 3D Cards offer a unique way to showcase your brand's luxury and innovation. With each card, you're not just reaching out; you’re sharing the essence of what makes your brand outstanding. - Move over traditional cards! Step into the future with our eye-catching

Stand out and pop-up with Awesome 3D Cards. Impress at every turn, raising awareness of what you offer among those who matter most—your clients and partners. A 3D business card does so much more than share your contact info; it showcases the elegance and distinction of your brand. Have your business card reflect the high standards and innovative spirit of your brand.