Luxury Interior Design Agency – Retail Promotion – Gerrit Rietveld Luxury Chair

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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Product

Size: Large (L)

Dimensions: 6in x 8in (15cm x 19cm) Folded

Suggested Uses




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About This 3D Pop-Up Card

Black and Silver card with additional Copper Gold color on covers. 4-color model. 8-color printing on the inside of the card to showcase QR code.

With the help of their Awesome 3D Card, this luxury furniture design company in Mexico makes a big impression on buyers, architects, interior designers, and other professionals to use their services. The 3D element on the interior, a Gerrit Rietveld luxury chair, is brightly colored and unique. No one else in the world has a card exactly like this!

You have the opportunity to transform any of your products or services into a popup card. To get your design started, all you have to do is schedule a consultation with Awesome 3D Cards.

We want to help you deliver your messages in one-of-a-kind ways. Since our start, we have worked with businesses from around the world. So, regardless of where you live, we can bring your vision for a 3D card to life.