75th Anniversary. Historic City Club. Gala Invite. Historic Building.

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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Architecture

Size: Medium (M)

Dimensions: 5.9in x 5.9in (15cm x 15cm)

Suggested Uses

Fund Raising, Announcement, Event, Invitation


Tourism, Hospitality

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About This 3D Pop-Up Card

Immerse your guests in the elegance and history of your next gala or fundraising event with our bespoke 3D Pop-up cards. Our novel design salutes the remarkable three-quarters of a century journey of Austin Club. This invitation, teeming with meticulous artistry, reveals a captivating 3D pop-up of an esteemed historical edifice—a feature designed to command the immediate attention of your guests as they unfold their invites—instilling them with a sense of awe and anticipation.

This medium-sized card, presented in a sophisticated palette of blue, white, and cream, opens to reveal a stunning, single-color 3D replica of the celebrated building, complete with the Texas and US flags proudly displayed in front. Opting for an inner lining of glistening gold injects a dash of refinement into the mix. This card, it's no ordinary invite. It stands out - tailored for the grand 75th Year Gala. This isn't just an invitation; it's a unique marker of that significant event.

At the core of our craft, you'll find a meticulously laser-cut logo taking center stage on the card's front. This is not just about aesthetics; it speaks volumes of the precision and dedication we pour into each invitation that leaves our hands. Our sharp eye for every single cut, fold and hue doesn't just give you an invite - it's a keepsake too. It'll remind you of your epic event for many years to come.

Our specialization in creating exact replicas of buildings and vehicles in 3D pop-up laser-cut paper positions us uniquely in the market. Whether you're commemorating a company milestone, celebrating an organizational anniversary, or looking to make a statement in the tourism industry, our invitations are tailor-made to reflect the significance of your event. Our 3D pop-up cards? They're more than just visually impressive - they're potential game-changers, especially when it comes to fundraisers where the initial impression can dramatically shape the event's trajectory and success.

We get how big these events are, right? So, we're all about crafting invites that do more than just let people know. We make sure they crank up the hype and thrill of your gala to another level. Our creative prowess and relentless pursuit of perfection are vividly displayed in the invitation we crafted for The Austin Club's milestone 75th Anniversary Gala. It is not merely an invitation but an experience, inviting guests to be part of a meaningful celebration in a visually stunning and emotionally engaging way.

For those in the tourism game, our 3D pop-up cards are a total game changer. They're not just cool - they give people a hands-on, interactive peek at local landmarks and attractions. It's like holding a little piece of the destination right in your hand! These cards? They're not just invites. Think of them as mementos, embodying the spirit of a place. Ideal for pushing events or unique celebrations tied to your area, they add an extra touch to anniversaries and other special occasions.

In creating something special for your next event, consider the unparalleled charm and impact of a 3D pop-up card. Our crew is all set to team up and craft an invite that mirrors the grace, heritage, and singularity of your event. We're here to make sure your event leaves a mark, not just during the occasion but also afterwards. It all starts with that first glance at your invite - we'll craft it in such a way that people won't forget.

Elevate your event with our bespoke 3D pop-up cards featuring exquisite historic building replicas and a metallic gold interior for an unforgettable invitation experience. Perfect for galas and fundraisers, our cards are tailor-made to impress and enchant