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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Symbol

Size: Medium (M)

Dimensions: 6in x 6in (15cm x 15cm) Folded

Suggested Uses




About This 3D Pop-Up Card

Navy and Gold card. 4-color 3D pop-up model.

How to convey a very personal message from the CEO to prospective clients? The IW CEO used his hobby of playing electric guitar to personalize this marketing message to key business prospects at an event. It's a custom Blue, White, and Black eclectic guitar with the IW initials.

What a cool, unique, and innovative way to say "hello" to business people! Metallic gold on the inside adds elegance to the "persona" of this Awesome 3D pop-up card. Let's have coffee and jam!

What Our Clients Say

Tom Young

We modified an existing pop-up card design for a recent event and trade show. About 150 people attended the music themed event and got the card. The conversion rate to contacts was excellent as about 20 people used the card to scheduled a follow-up meeting with our company, which resulted in three new clients for our agency.

The cards stand out and are memorable. They drive engagement because of the wow factor and when combined with a strong call-to-action (CTA), they get results!