Global IT Company – Corporate Awards to Top Customers – Trophy

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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Brand

Size: Small (S)

Dimensions: 4.7in x 4.7in (12cm x 12cm) Folded

Suggested Uses

Appreciation Gratitude



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About This 3D Pop-Up Card

Black and Gold card. 8-color printing on all 4 faces. 3-color model.

Replicating the tall sleek Stevie® Award, this global technology company wanted a unique 3D card to accompany the trophy to 25 CEOs representing its highest award to its customers. It is eye-catching and visually interesting. Every recipient of the card was sure to say, “Wow!”

It isn’t just your 3D element that makes the card special. Make the entire popup card delightful, impressive, and surprising with a background design. In this card, for example, there is an emphasis on triangles, along with printed text.

You can also create an Awesome 3D Card for your annual awards events! They make for memorable invitations that recipients can keep as a display piece for their desks or in their homes. But to achieve that, you need to get as creative as possible. Luckily, kirigami is the perfect art form to show off your personality and sense of artistry.