Large Commercial Truck – Unique Holiday Card

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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Vehicle

Size: Large (L)

Dimensions: 6in x 8in (15cm x 19cm) Folded

Suggested Uses

Appreciation, Gratitude



About This 3D Pop-Up Card

In a dazzling display of festive fervor, The Pete Store proudly presents this stunning Large Commercial Truck 3D Pop-Up Card, ablaze with red and silver glory. A truly unforgettable holiday hallmark, it radiates warmth and goodwill. Rise above the generic holiday card crowd with a stunning 4-color 3D model of a red Peterbilt truck, complete with printed mud flaps that add a playful touch to your business Christmas cards. 

A festive fantasy comes to life on the front of this unforgettable card, where a dash of creativity mingled with seasonal whimsy creates pure enchantment. Instead of the traditional reindeer, Santa's sleigh is being pulled by a Peterbilt truck, symbolizing strength, reliability, and the robust spirit of the season. Christmas magic bursts forth from the vibrant imagery, transporting the recipient to a joyful winter wonderland.   Inside the card, a heartfelt message spreads holiday cheer and welcomes the new year, showing your clients they're more than just business partners – they're valued friends. 

Business owners, rejoice! This card is designed to serve two purposes seamlessly. Show your appreciation for your clients' loyalty by warmly wishing them a joyful holiday season – it's a great way to nourish those valuable relationships. With its generous size, there's room to get personal and make each recipient feel like a rockstar. What if you could send a holiday greeting that was more than just a gesture?  A 3D pop-up card is an experience, a conversation starter that will have clients and colleagues talking long after the holidays are over. Whether you're a tiny startup or a global corporation, this is a marketing move that will yield real results. 

It's not just a card - it's a tangible expression of thoughtfulness that demands to be cherished, a memento that gets rediscovered time and time again. Clients will be thrilled to display this stunning card, complete with the impressive 3D model of a Peterbilt truck, on their desks, keeping your brand top of mind throughout the holiday season and beyond. Step away from the ordinary and give a holiday card that's as merry as the season itself. This thoughtful gift wraps up the warmth and wonder of Christmas in a single, beautiful package – making it a gesture they'll cherish long after the holidays are over. 

The Pete Store's attention to detail and commitment to customers is reflected beautifully in this card, speaking volumes about their priorities. By sending this business Christmas card, you're not just spreading holiday cheer - you're making a statement about your brand's commitment to quality and innovation. In this card, nostalgic charm meets modern twists, yielding a seasonal message that's as authentic as your brand's unique fingerprint. 

When it comes to business Christmas cards, standing out is key. Meet the 3D pop-up card that finally gets it right: it's a masterclass in equal parts flash and sincerity, resulting in a truly unforgettable experience. The red and silver color scheme adds a touch of elegance and festivity, while the detailed 3D pop-up model of the Peterbilt truck showcases the creativity and attention to detail that your clients will surely appreciate. Handing over a gift like this is a bold statement – it says your company is invested in building relationships that last, and is willing to put in the effort to make it happen.

Rethink the traditional holiday card approach with a standout 3D design. It's a strategic way to Express gratitude, celebrate milestones, and invest in relationships that drive growth. As you give or receive this thoughtful holiday card, the inviting message on the front – "Merry Christmas" – and the touching sentiment inside – "Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year" – promise to resonate deeply, igniting a sense of connection and community.

A distinctive holiday card is more than just a nice gesture – it's a tangible representation of your dedication to client relationships. Make it count with a design that's as vibrant as your brand. The Pete Store's 3D pop-up card isn't just a clever holiday trick – it's a thoughtful gesture that sticks with the person receiving it long after the holidays are over.