Austin Theme Card – Austin City Skyline and Sunset

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Card Details

Model Type: Architecture

Size: Large (L)

Dimensions: 5.9in x 7.5in (15cm x 19cm)

Suggested Uses




About This 3D Pop-Up Card

Austin Theme Card. Ready-2-Go Card. Turquoise and Silver Custom 3D card. Multicolor graphic printed model.

Wow! When you want to make a HUGE AWESOME impression on people, this is a great example of how it's done using the Kirigami artform. The City of Austin is changing every year. In the recent past, the City did not even have one skyscraper but now look! We can see so many wonderful buildings of downtown Austin highlighted against a classic Texas Sunset and in front of the Colorado River. The Capital of Texas Welcomes You!

A great card for retail or company use. Imagine moving to Austin and receiving this card? Or visiting Austin and taking this home as a souvenir? Or being recruited by a company to work here and receiving this card as a Thank You!