Multi-color 3D Pop-Up Wedding Invitation – Feathers & Flowers!

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Watch how our 3D models open and fold! Look for a GIF badge on a model photo. That means the image will animate when viewed

Card Details

Model Type: Symbol

Size: Medium (M)

Dimensions: 6in x 6in (15cm x 15cm) Folded

Suggested Uses

Event, Invitation, Announcement



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About This 3D Pop-Up Card

Dive into the world of unforgettable wedding invitations with our Multi-color 3D Pop-Up Wedding Invitation – Feathers & Flowers! This isn't merely an invite; it's a sneak peek into the enchanting day awaiting your guests, hinting at the joy-filled festivities on the horizon. Crafted with precision and creativity, our laser-cut, color-printed pop-up cards bring your wedding announcement to life in the most dazzling way possible.

Imagine your friends and family opening their mail to find not just a card but an experience – a beautifully designed 3D pop-up of a bride and groom standing amidst a stunning floral arrangement. The moment they unfold the card, they're transported into a world of love and celebration, getting a first-hand glimpse of the ambiance you're creating for your wedding day. It's far more than just a simple summons; it serves as an enduring memento, an artistic expression encapsulating the aura of your significant event, something attendees will hold dear and proudly display long after exchanging vows.

But what sets our 3D wedding cards apart? It's the personal touch. We understand that every couple is unique, and your wedding card should be, too. Thus, we aim to give you the reins, empowering you with a boundless ability to fine-tune every facet until it flawlessly mirrors your unique vision. Whether it's adjusting the size, altering the color scheme to match your wedding palette, or personalizing the message to resonate with your love story, we ensure that your card reflects you. And if you're looking for something unique, our team can create a custom 3D pop-up model of you and your partner, accurately crafted from any photo you provide.

Our promise to detail and quality translates into every card being more than just an invite - it's a masterfully crafted piece of art meant to amaze and spark inspiration. From the intricate laser-cut designs to the vibrant, multi-color print, every element of our 3D pop-up wedding cards is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality. Whether you choose from our stock designs or a fully customized creation, you're guaranteed a wedding invitation that stands out – the world's most unique and custom wedding card.

Imagine the smiles and the surprise as your guests unfold a piece of your love story, a 3D representation of your journey together. It's not merely an invite, it encapsulates the whole ambience and offers a glimpse into your significant day; bestowing palpable joy to those you desire to be part of this special milestone. With our 3D pop-up wedding cards, you're not just inviting guests to your wedding; you're giving them a glimpse into the heart of your love story, setting the stage for a celebration that begins when they open your invitation.

Ditch the ordinary and step into the extraordinary with a wedding invite that reflects your love's richness. Opt for our Multi-color 3D Pop-Up Wedding Invitation, Feathers & Flowers, and send a message of love and excitement as unique and vibrant as your relationship. Let us help you create an invitation that's not just seen but felt, an experience that starts your wedding journey with wonder and anticipation.