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Browse our collection of 3D pop-up cards for inspiration and see hundreds of one-of-a-kind ways our clients have shown their customers how much they care! Awesome 3D Cards transform every connection into a memorable experience.

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What Our Customers are Saying About Awesome 3D Cards

“In campaigns that involve a special building such as fraternity house, bringing that place to the donor can bridge decades of time. The 3D card we developed for our Alpha Sigma Phi campaign at Cornell University transports the donor back to Ithaca and was a wonderful ‘thank you’ piece for donors.”

Matt Killingsworth, SVP

Pennington & Company

“The card was a big hit at our executive trade show event! It left a lasting impression in the minds of the conference attendees and resulted in several follow-up meetings and appointments with the IW sales team.”

Thomas Young, CEO

Intuitive Websites

“We love our 3D cards showcasing our 20-foot shipping container office. It’s a great way for Falcon to make a memorable first impression or to simply say thank you to our customers. The ordering and design process were much easier than expected and we look forward to using them for years to come.”

Krista Short, Director of Marketing

Falcon Structures

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on customizing a card design?

Each card consists of two layers of card stock (one color on the outside of the card and a contrasting color on the inside). Text, graphics and logos are laser cut into each layer of card stock, so in order to ensure the “opposite” color paper is visible through the cuts, we need to be careful that laser cut areas do not overlap. Put another way, we don’t want to have holes through the card due to “overlapping” cuts. Generally, we can make almost any graphic or text fit provided we are given a reasonable degree of flexibility with regard to spacing and layout.

How many drafts are there for a custom 3D model?

The cost of our custom 3D model services includes a collaborative, iterative process with up to 3 revisions from the initial model draft to the final approved product.

Will I receive a physical sample of my card to approve before production?

Because cards are made to order in Vietnam, we’re unable to produce individual physical sample cards/proofs. However, our thorough design process includes visual mock-ups of the 3D model and card text/graphics which we’ll e-mail to you for approval prior to production.