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Reinforce Company Culture for Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, and Employee Experience

As an HR professional, we know you understand that relationships are everything! A positive company culture and great employee experience makes recruiting, business growth, and probability of achieving long term goals greater.

Do you look for memorable and cost-effective ways to:

  • Demonstrate the personal side of company culture to candidates
  • Reinforce the decision to join your company post offer acceptance
  • Give a warm welcome during onboarding
  • Announce and promote team events and milestones
  • Show employees gratitude for their service and contributions

Awesome 3D Cards are the perfect engagement tools to accomplish all of the above!  Whether a custom 3D pop-up model as pictured here or one of our pre-designed "stock" models on a card with your unique messaging, Awesome 3D Cards deliver your message in a way that Delights, Impresses, and Surprises.

Benefits of Awesome 3D Cards

There is no doubt that the world today is fast-paced and there are lots of things vying for people's attention - especially in the digital world that is the "online space".  Think about it.  How many emails have you received today alone?

What is needed to cut through the digital noise and get noticed is a "pattern interrupt" - something that is different and unique.  Something that says "check this out" and something that gets shared with others.

A 3D pop-up card from Awesome 3D Cards is just such an engagement tool.

Imagine how cards such as these get noticed:

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When you send a tactile piece such as a 3D pop-up card, your message gets seen!  Recipients take notice and feel truly connected.  There is a moment when the positive emotional response makes them more receptive to your message.

We're not saying that digital communications should be abandoned - an email is likely what brought you here after all - just that when it comes to connecting at a more personal level, a tangible piece sent through the mail can be highly effective.  Consider this: While email open rates are dwindling , direct mail enjoys a near-100% open-rate!  That's why we say "get out of the Inbox and into the Mailbox."

Do you want to know more about Company Culture and the role Awesome 3D Cards can play in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Employee Satisfaction, Employee Gratitude, and Staff retention? See our blog article, "3 Immediate Benefits of Promoting a Strong Company Culture."

Semi-Custom vs. Full-Custom - It's Your Choice

Awesome 3D Cards offers both semi-custom and full-custom cards to meet your needs and budget.

Semi-custom cards feature a "stock" 3D model that may be used at no extra charge.  For HR functions, we suggest the heart or "award" pop-ups as shown above. Semi-custom cards feature your choice of paper colors, and will include the opportunity to add your logo and unique messaging on any or all of the four card faces; only the 3D pop-up model is "stock".  The two cards shown in the middle of this page are both semi-custom cards.  

Full-custom cards feature a custom-designed 3D model of something unique to your business.  The model could be your building, your logo, or an iconic representation of your business or company culture.  The two card shown in the top of this page is a full-custom concept card that combines a heart with a platform and embellishment designed specifically for medical staff recruitment. Developing a custom 3D model adds a nominal design fee, but the results are truly unique.

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