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Awesome Custom 3D cards for your Business or Organization

Examples of our Spectacular
Custom Greeting Cards

State Capitol-Government-Thank You's

Football Helmet-Teams-Sports Fans

Market Place-Company Events-Donors

Concert Violin-Products-Fund Raising

Racing Motorcycle-Luxury Products-Retail

Luxury Homes - Real Estate Agencies - Thank you's

Business Jet-Luxury Products-Sales Prospecting

Holiday Ball-Special Events-Employee Gifts

Austin "Bat Bridge"-Tourism-Promotion

Special Events-Birthdays-Achievements

About Awesome 3D Cards


Awesome 3D Cards creates custom paper models using the Vietnamese art of Kirigami paper folding.

All paper is laser cut , the 3D model is hand assembled. NO 3D printing or glue. The models all “fit together” by hand. High-tech and high-touch!

15+ standard card colors available.

Each card includes a self-sticking quality envelope and a plastic protector.

Minimum order is 200 cards.

Austin Hill Top
Frost Bank
Taj Mahal
COTA Tower
Austin Bat Bridge
Chinese Character

Why buy Custom Kirigami cards?

Add another dimension to Client engagement.

We bring to life your company’s iconic Building, Product, “Symbol” or “Message”.

High-tech and High-touch in one unique product using Vietnamese Kirigami artform.

For your Employees, your Prospects, your Customers, your Clients, your Supporters, your Donors, and your Agents.

Our Process

1. Schedule a free initial consultation to create your Awesome 3D model.

2. Submit pictures, graphics, logos, and inspirations for your 3D model.

3. Pay the Design fee and we create your Awesome 3D prototype.

4. Once you approve your Card Design and 3D Model, your Card production begins.

5. Depending on size of order, your 3D Cards are delivered in the USA within 60 days.

6. Volume discounts available for orders over 2,500 cards and above.