Delight, Impress and Surprise with Unique 3D Pop Up Cards

Stand Out and Stay Top-of-Mind

Are you finding it harder and harder to capture the hearts and minds of the people who are critical to your success? What about getting your message heard? 

Awesome 3D Cards works with businesses of all kinds to provide them with a unique, high-ROI tool for building relationships with the people that matter the most to their success, and in a memorable way sure to be shared.

It's a no brainer!

Why buy Custom Kirigami cards?

  • Add another dimension to client engagement
  • We bring to life your company's iconic building, product, 'symbol' or 'message'
  • High-tech and high-touch in one unique product using Vietnamese Kirigami artform
  • For your employees, your prospects, your customers, your clients, your supporters, your donors, and your agents

Our Design Process

We envision a business world where companies and organizations focus on meaningful, very personal connections to allow clients, customers, and prospects to feel truly valued, appreciated, and special.

Process steps.
Process steps.

How Will You Delight Your Clients With Awesome 3D Cards?

Individual Appreciation of Key People 

Sending a truly special 3D popup card to say "Happy Birthday", "Thanks for Your Business", or to show appreciation for a job well done is a great way to show someone how much you appreciate them in a way that is sure to make an impact.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Sales & Marketing campaigns are typically spread out over several weeks, months, or even the course of a year. New business "prospecting" - sending 10 - 20 cards per week to your target market - is a great example.  Fundraising or membership drives are too.

Event Invitations and Announcements

Event invitations or company announcements such as an IPO, achieving a growth goal, or receiving a certification or an award are also good uses for 3D popup cards.  Get peoples' attention when you ask them to share in your event or celebration. 

Collage of 3D cards.

Delight, Impress, and Surprise with Awesome 3D Cards!

F35Jet 500x500

As a proponent of Account-Based Marketing methods, I’m always interested in finding new ways to reach and stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients. Awesome 3D Cards do just that. Awesome 3D Cards was very easy to work with, and our cards lived up to their promise that they would “Delight, Impress, and Surprise” recipients. At a time when people’s email inboxes are being flooded daily, a unique tactile marketing piece really stands out. With a near 100% open rate and reasonable cost, Awesome 3D Cards are a great value for building and maintaining personal connections.